"If you're looking for a clean living, Holy Ghost man who still teaches the Bible, I recommend Karl to you both as a local church and conference speaker."
Dr. Mark T Barclay

"Karl, my friend, has helped us at EQUIP to change lives, you'll like him."
John Maxwell

"We had a great time of ministry at Pastor Karl's church; he keeps it on the edge."
Rev Jerry Savelle


Preaching the Transforming Gospel of Grace

Karl has served as Lead Pastor and now overseer of
the Faith City Church campuses with a passion to see
people transformed by the Gospel of Grace.
With his unique blend of passion, humor, respect, and high energy,
Karl communicates the simple message that God loves us.
He is truly a one of a kind guy, committed to helping pastors,
the local church, and believers everywhere trust in our great God
of the Bible.
We are blessed to have him with us this weekend and hope you
can join us for an exciting service!



For more info on Dr. Karl Barancik, visit www.faithcity.tv

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