Welcome to Joint Heirs!

Our classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, except for the first Sunday of every month. While in Joint Heirs, they learn all about Jesus and how to live for Him. There are Bible lessons through sermons, skits, puppets, and activities on a level that they can relate. This is a time of praise, prayer, fellowship, and learning from the Word of God.

Many activities are planned throughout the year for the children to participate in, outside the Church. One of the big events for our children is called "Hallelujah Night". This takes place on October 31st, and is a Christian alternative to the traditional Halloween holiday. There are many activity booths set up on the Church grounds and lots of free candy, drinks, hot dogs, popcorn, etc. This is a service that we provide free for our community. Many merchants in town donate to this cause. It is a safe, Christian environment for parents to bring their children.



4 yrs old -     2nd grade



Grades 3-6


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